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We prepare students for 11 Plus entrance examination into State Grammar Schools and all Independent Private Schools in London and the Counties

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Give your the child the head start they deserve ... 7 Plus , 11 Plus , 13 Plus , KS3 & GCSE

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Give your child a chance to develop their skills learned from KS1…

Below is a brief introduction to what your child at Key Stage 2, will be learning at Lead Tuition Academy. A more detailed syllabus will be made available during consultation session.

Our English sessions develop your child from the education gained in KS1, which enhances their confidence and prepares them for their upcoming SATs.

At Lead Tuition in West Hampstead, we have pupils coming from various boroughs (e.g. Brent), because of our quality and standards of teaching.


Our Key Stage 2 (KS2) lessons are fully designed to develop your child across the three most important aspects:

1. Reading
2. Writing
3. Speaking and Listening

Children at Lead tuition academy in Brent, London will learn and develop themselves across these area, by working with a range of materials: adventure stories, mystery stories, poetry, classic novels, drama, newspaper and magazine articles, information texts, persuasive writing, biography,stories with historical settings, imaginary world, and other cultures. Children develop their understanding of the topics, which will increase in complexity according to the year your child is in.


At the Lead Tuition Academy in Brent, we does not only include any timetables, mental maths and counting. We empower children to become confident with maths covering from learning the basics (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) to an advance level (Calculating, mean, media and mode- probability)

Areas covered at KS2 Maths classes are: Number(s), Shapes and Solids, Measurements and Handling data. As mentioned above detailed syllabus is available for you to be seen during consultation.

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